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Eric is an executive in Microsoft's Strategic Missions and Technology division, which focuses on high-tech communications, artificial intelligence, and quantum algorithms. Eric is also an Amazon best-selling author of the foundational children's book Teaching Kids Life IS Good, and founder of the philanthropy-focused organization Raise Your Elevation. Eric holds degrees in business and marketing, as well as a masters of philosophical theology from Saint Leo University. He is also a graduate of the Program on Negotiations from Harvard Law School.

Throughout his career and time as a national speaker, Eric has used the same success principles he has taught around the world to become a sales leader at Microsoft, and to support numerous philanthropic ventures.

Some of Eric's favorite charitable projects have included founding Raise Your Elevation, as well as helping to grow a technology and education achievement center for orphans in South Africa, and helping launch teen empowerment centers in Florida and West Virginia.

Eric KeynoteAs time allows, Eric enjoys participating in retreats and intentional gatherings, as he passionately enjoys partnering with others to find personal and professional success.


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