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Eric is an executive in Microsoft's Strategic Missions and Technology group, which focuses on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and quantum algorithms. He holds a master of philosophical theology degree from Saint Leo University & Benedictine Abbey, and is a graduate of the Program on Negotiations at Harvard Law School.

Eric is known for melding his technological and theological backgrounds to teach how to more consciously program the powerful subconscious to thrive at the game of life.

Eric is also the founder of the philanthropy-focused organization Raise Your Elevation, and an Amazon best selling author of the foundational children's book Teaching Kids Life IS Good.

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Raise Your Elevation

Check out Eric's philanthropy-focused organization that is helping transform lives around the world by creating inspiring content and making capital and charitable investments that help make the world a better place.

Teaching Kids Life IS Good

See why people are so excited about Eric's Amazon best-selling book that has helped many children develop a healthy sense of character, confidence, and self-esteem.

100% of book profits go to charity.

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1) The Parable of the Egg, Carrot, and Coffee Bean is an often requested audio clip from Eric's speaking engagements. It's a message about how through our own choice we can change the environment around us for the better; instead of letting life turn us hard, mushy, or overly conformed.

2) A selection of some incredible classical symphonies. It's an hour of peace and transcendence, with subtle positive messages woven in that may be absorbed by the subconscious. If you enjoy classical music you are invited to listen, relax, and grow.

3) Help boost positive results and experiences in your life with this 30 day bootcamp for your mind. This workbook module teaches you how to consciously shift your attention to the wanted and inspired aspects of your life, and to focus your thought patterns at a subconscious level for positive growth and outcomes.