Avoiding Self Sabotage for an Amazing Life

Before my awakening at age 20 I was a master of self sabotage, and then even after my awakening it continue to pop up when I was least expecting it, so today I want to share a few quick thoughts about how to avoid self-sabotage to live an AMAZING life!


Imagine this: You get a deep yearning desire, and as it’s on its way out of your mind and into creation it deploys a parachute that slows it down or even drags it right back to the ground. That wouldn’t be good right? But that is what many of us do when we are setting forth our intentions.


I’ll give you an example. I’ve always enjoyed speaking in public, and teaching others in areas that I’ve developed proficiency in. But when I was younger I clearly subverted my dreams. I would be up at night dreaming of traveling and speaking to people around the world, but deep down I was fearful. I was not just fear though, there was also a big part of me that just didn’t want the responsibility or pressure at that time in my life. Deep down when an opportunity would arise I would often self sabotage it for those reasons. Or, I would do the gig and it would feel very stressful and consuming during the weeks leading up to it. All of this was hardly conscious back then, and I would reflect in despair in those days wondering why my dream wasn’t taking off.


Wanting to become wealthy could be another example for many of us. Maybe we dream about it, and maybe we even talk about what we’d do if we were wealthy. But maybe deep down we have heard the statistics about how many people are poor. Or maybe we’ve read the stories about the many wealthy people lose all their money or become unhappy because of it. Or maybe there are thoughts that our family will become petty and our friends will get jealous if we have money. All of these are subconscious parachutes that slow our rocket of true desire way way down. I am also speaking from experience here.


Maybe we want a really amazing relationship, but deep down we don’t think we’re good enough, or that all the good one’s are taken… or that we even deserve it?

Maybe we want an awesome and fulfilling job, but deep down we don’t believe we’re skilled or credentialed enough for it, or that there are too many qualified people out there and we’d never be the one chosen?

Maybe we want great health, but deep down we don’t think we can take control or overcome our current condition, or we hear how many people are sick or injured in some way or another?

Maybe we want _______(fill in the blank)____________, but __________________.


So what do we do?


I continue to use a process that has gotten me 20 years of great results using the law of attenton (and sometimes not so great results when I realized I was launching those parachute brakes…)


Only when we are honest about what we TRULY want, and learn to properly focus our attention, can we release those parachute-brakes — and release our rockets to zoom off into the Universe toward fruition.


There are many proven tactics to change a situation once we realize what we’re doing. I think most people intuitively know what we have to do. Affirmations, tapping, reframing, and pivoting all work great if we find a blockage that we deem unhelpful. But by far and away, learning how to wield the law of attention is the most powerful. So how do we do that?


Look at those areas of your strongest unfulfilled desires (which are often the ones that are causing you the most pain and daily thought cycles) and ask if your rocket is flying with the parachute brake of disbelief, undeservedness, regret, or contradictory thoughts?


If so, simply apply the law of attention by focusing on the aspect of what is wanted in the situation, and doing everything possible to release and pivot from the focus on the unwanted.


I will leave you with a story to illustrate. I am an avid tennis player. Some days my game is much better than others, and that is usually directly attributed to my level of fear, or confidence. Some days when the stakes are high I find that I think a lot more about hitting the net or double-faulting (called “unforced errors” in tennis). On those days, because my focus is more on those things, I tend to do those things more. Other days I am thinking with more swagger about hitting winners and dominating out there on the court. And on those days that is usually what happens. You see, both types of days I am playing the same game, with the same skills and the same equipment, but if my focus is on the wanted or unwanted it plays a HUGE role in how the game unfolds. That’s the simple truth of the law of attention.


Okay, one more bonus since I know you all are dying to ask “but what about money.”  The trick here again to using the law of attention is in focusing on what is wanted. Especially when we are struggling financially it can be so easy to focus on the reality, that there isn’t enough money. But the law of attention says that we should pivot that focus whenever we notice it consciously to what is wanted. So if we get three bills that drain our bank account and make us feel horrible, instead of feeling helpless and distraught, we can pivot the focus to what is wanted, which is either more money — or less bills. The law of attention doesn’t suggest that we should ignore the problem. Both ways we either have to pay the bills or beg forgiveness from those we owe. But the difference comes in where we put our energy throughout the process. That process of directing energy informs much of the seen and unseen on how our life plays out thereafter. Eventually if we operate the law of attention properly we find that the problem will go away. It’s law. Much more of this in the upcoming book The Law of Attention: How to Find Joy, Fulfillment, and Abundance In All Areas of Your Life.  You can click here to subscribe to the email list for free snippets and notification of its release.


Thanks for reading, I hope something here has helped you sharpen your game.


Much love and +vibes.




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