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Eric teaches a proven process for finding and harnessing one's deepest inspirations and making them a reality.


Eric holds a masters degree of philosophical theology, as well as degrees in business and marketing. Shorty after graduating from college Eric followed his lifelong interest in cutting edge technologies. Using principles that he teaches around the world today, Eric went from struggling and broke, to traveling the world as a VP of a global tech company. During that time he managed over $100 million in new sales, and became the highest ranked salesperson across the company's global sales force.


With more means to create, Eric was able to help launch numerous charitable ventures, and become a successful entrepreneur and leader in the global inspiration movement. Some of Eric's most cherished projects have included founding the Raise Your Elevation inspiration company, helping to create a technology and education achievement center for orphans in South Africa, and launching teen empowerment centers in Florida and West Virginia to help inspire teens toward a more empowered life. Eric also authored the Amazon best-selling children's book Teaching Kids Life IS Good, which has become widely recognized as a foundational contribution to building healthy and successful paradigms in young kids.


Eric's new upcoming book chronicles the life-changing process he discovered to experience a more joyful, meaningful, and abundant life. You can sign up below or like the new facebook page to get free snippets, tips, and special offers.


Eric KeynoteAs time allows, Eric enjoy's hosting group retreats and intentional online gatherings. Eric blocks out this time because he passionately enjoys partnering with others to find personal, spiritual, and professional success. For children ages 2 - 11, Eric designed the Amazon Best-Selling book Teaching Kids Life IS Good to help positively enlighten children's subconscious paradigms during the vital maturation of their self-image.


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