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About Eric

Hello I'm Eric. I am so genuinely glad you're here. I am the author of Teaching Kids Life is Good and The Law of Attention; and also the founder of Raise Your Elevation. Below is a bit about myself and why I created this site. After that you can click here to learn more about my journey.

I started life just barely scraping by. I paid my own way through college, rolled pennies for gas, and drove a $500 car. I struggled to maintain relationships, dealt with chronic back pain, and for a 20 year old I lived a pretty unfocused life.

But I was able to flip the script in a big way. Thanks to some amazing mentors, and some incredible spiritual & universal principles, I was able to go from worst to first in many areas of my life.

Since then, my life's joy has been to give back and share those principles with you. I knew that if I could somehow transcend the life I was living to find joy, fulfillment, and abundance in so many areas of my life, I knew you could do the same.

It wasn't always easy. At times some old patterns of fear and self-doubt crept back in and caused problems. I learned some tough lessons along the way, which generated feelings of regret; usually because I let fear and doubt stop me from taking life's potential much further than I had.

Now at age 40 I have come a long way. I found incredible relationship joy, financial success, and physical wellness. I hit some valleys along the journey, and at one point things began to slip away as fear and doubt caused me to grip it too tightly. Thankfully I regained my footing before it was too late, and I learned a profound truth about how the game of life works, which I now share around the world with The Law of Attention.

My books and companies are dedicated to helping you learn the process that revolutionized my life, and has helped so many others to find much more joy, fulfillment and abundance in their lives.

I designed my first book for children, Teaching Kids Life IS Good , because I learned that so much of the junk I had to work through was based on errant beliefs about Life that I had picked up in my youth. I also knew that was true for so many others. So I started there to help kids build a solid foundation. Then I created Raise Your Elevation to encourage the kind of lifestyle that could sustain an inspired, active, and connected life. Now, the next step in the processes has resulted in something I am incredibly proud of, which I call The Law of Attention: A Path to True Joy, Fulfillment, and Abundance in All Areas of Life.

Feel free to grab the books and sign up for the Love Your Life email list at the top of this page.

Click here to learn more about me and my journey.

Peace, love, and blessings to you.

- Eric

Taking the next step

If you're ready to go steady, subscribe by clicking the button. By subscribing you will receive a completely free Love Your Life note full of inspiring and deep thoughts for your journey. You will also be on the notification list for the release of The Law of Attention scheduled for Spring of 2019. You may also want to pick up a copy of Teaching Kids Life IS Good for the children in your life.

A few video's that are often asked about, with a personal note from Eric:

The first one is an often requested 4-minute audio clip from a keynote I was giving a few years back. It's called the parable of the egg, carrot, and coffee bean; and it's a message about how through our own conscious choice we can change the environment around us for the better, instead of letting life turn us hard, mushy, or overly conformed.

Next is a 1 hr relaxation mix of my favorite classical symphonies of all time. It's an hour of pure peace and transcendence. If you enjoy classical music I invite you to find a comfortable place and just let the music move and soothe you. You can listen to it every day. Research shows that relaxation helps significantly to release resistance and become more receptive and allowing of the best things to flow in our lives.

Lastly, just for a bit of fun. I'm a big believer that one smile begets another, so the more smiles we put out there the better 🙂 And what better than a hacky cell phone recording of me playing Zippity Do Dah on the Uke 🙂