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About Eric

Welcome, I'm Eric. I teach a transformational formula to 1) discover and harnesses your highest inspirations 2) focus your creative attention on the positive aspects of those inspirations 3) joyfully usher those inspirations into your life experience. Once the process is absorbed it can greatly improve your life — and then overflow outward to benefit others and the world.

I believe that we are designed from the ground up to channel our highest inspirations. We are not here just to be teased by the absence or unattainability of our dreams and potential —  we are here to birth them into the world. That is specifically why we are alive. My books Teaching Kids Life is Good (for kids) and my upcoming new book (for adults) are designed for that goal —  to bring more joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and positive abundance into every area of your life. The books, events, modules, coaching, and keynotes are designed to teach how it works. Below is a bit about my journey. After that you can click here to learn even more.

I started life just barely scraping by. I paid my own way through college, rolled pennies for gas, and drove a $500 car. I struggled to maintain relationships, dealt with chronic back pain, and for a 20 year old I lived a pretty unfocused life.

But I was able to flip the script in a big way. Thanks to some amazing mentors, and some incredible spiritual & universal principles, I was able to go from worst to first in many areas of my life.

Since then, my life's joy has been to give back and share those principles with others. I knew if I could somehow transcend the life I was living to find joy, fulfillment, and abundance, I knew you could do the same. It wasn't always easy. At times some old patterns of fear and self-doubt crept back in and caused problems. But it all led me to a process that changed my life and has changed many others lives as well.

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Peace, love, and blessings to you.

- Eric

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A few items that are often asked about, with a personal note from Eric:

This first one is an often requested 4-minute audio clip from a keynote in Tampa, FL. It's called the parable of the egg, carrot, and coffee bean. It's a message about how through our own conscious choices we can change the environment around us for the better; instead of letting life turn us hard, mushy, or overly conformed.

This selection is a relaxing mix of my favorite classical symphonies. It's an hour of pure peace and transcendence. If you enjoy classical music I invite you to find a comfortable place and just let the music move and soothe you. Research shows that relaxation helps us to significantly release resistance and become more receptive to the flow of inspiration in our lives.

This module helps boost your outlook on life over the course of 5 days. As the first step in deliberate creation, the module teaches how to consciously shift attention to the wanted aspects of life. This five day process will train your thought patterns to do just that. If you sign up for email updates you will receive a promo code to download the transformation as free a our gift for joining the tribe.