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Raise Your Elevation

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Eric Alexander Crawford

About Eric

Eric is a technology leader, best-selling author, and founder of the philanthropy-focused organization Raise Your Elevation, which shares inspirational content and makes capital and charitable investments into organizations that help make the world a better place.

Eric's upcoming book teaches a transformational process to 1) discover your highest inspirations 2) learn how to positively focus your attention on those inspirations, and 3) successfully co-create a life that brings you joy, success, and fulfillment. It is a process that can improve one's health, relationships, business success, finances, family dynamics, charitable impact, and performance in all areas of life—with the goal of overflowing outward and positively uplifting the worldLearn more about Eric here

Here are this months resources suggested by Eric:

1) The Parable of the Egg, Carrot, and Coffee Bean is an often requested audio clip from Eric's speaking engagements. It's a message about how through our own conscious choice we can change the environment around us for the better; instead of letting life turn us hard, mushy, or overly conformed.

2) A selection of some incredible classical symphonies. It's an hour of pure peace and transcendence, with subtle positive messages woven in that may be absorbed by the subconscious. If you enjoy classical music you are invited to listen, relax, and grow.

3) Help boost your outlook with this 5 day positivity module. It teaches how to consciously shift your attention to the wanted and inspired aspects of your life, and it focuses your thought patterns toward positive growth.